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Welcome to C*Space

Where Dreams Come True

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C*Space is a part of Space that I, His Majesty of C*Space, own (P.S. I am a chick, I am just so rad that I am a his) I became very interested in this when I kept on reading about Afshawnia (Her Majesy Afshawn of Afshawnia) and Kristonia (Her Majesty Kristi of Kristonia). Thusforth I crated C*Space! And yes, it may be a little weird, but you have to learn to love!

Colors: Deep Blue, Black, Gray, Pale Yellow, and a Greenish-Blueish color
Motto: Where Dreams Come True
Animal: Uhh, we have Aliens, but I dont know if you would count that as animals, even though they act like animals.
Bird: How about space ships?
Flower: The stars kinda look like flowers if you get up close!
Population: Way too many in the area to count! We consist of Aliens, few humans, and Pixies.
Capital Star: Fralou
Major Stars: Fralou, Darko, Swanelin, and Ztark
Star Clusters: Cluster of Afshawn
Shooting Stars: Shooting Star or Kristi, Californiacation
Neighbooring Countries: Afshawnia, Kristonia and Undiconia
Language: Jibber Jab, Pixy Talk, and Sign Language, although I speak english fluently.
Currency: Star Dust or Pixy Dust
afshawnia, aliens, kristonia, pixies, stars, undiconia